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Thread: If You Are Win2k Troubleshooter Expert> Help!!!

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    Exclamation If You Are Win2k Troubleshooter Expert> Help!!!

    I have win2k adv. server on my box. ive had it for several years now. and all of a sudden after I shut down my box after 4 days of uptime on mIRC, I restarted, logged in, and then a little while later, instead of showing me my desktop, a black screen came up saying something bad happened and it is now going to dump all my RAM to my HD(for some reason) after that it would just stay on that black screen then you have to shut down and restart. This has happened to me before but usualy after i restarted everything would be normal again but now it happens every time i restart so i have to boot into safe mode. There are no viruses on my comp (thats what Norton AV says)
    *note* I dont have to log in for this to happen. if i just start my box and not login the Black Screen of Death will still apear.

    (i have all my porn on this comp.)

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    Well, first of all, it would be VERY helpful if you could write down the message that pops up (it should give some hex stop codes and a generalized error message/code). Next, you might want to try to boot into safe mode and check your event log for any errors that occur during boot up. Finally, it would also be helpful to figure out what some of the last things you installed before that reboot were.

    After you get us some more info, I'm sure myself or someone else could help.

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    All your porn? GOOD GOD, MAN - LET'S GET YOU SOME HELP!

    But really ... you know ... if you have another box / hard drive that you could throw in for a bit, there's NTFSDOS.EXE that you can use to read your NTFS partition and get your files. Better yet, throw *NIX on your other HDD that you put in for a bit, mount your drive (mount /dev/hdb1 -t vfat /mnt/ntfsdrive), then copy off your porn into a FAT32 segment on your spare HDD. This'll at least keep it safe until you figure out what happened.

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    I can help you, but it's going to cost you some of that porn.

    Just do a clean reinstall without formatting. It will overwrite everything necessary for the install, and nothing more. I did it that way when my Windows 2000 Pro box died on me. I upgraded to the server edition on a clean install. Everything worked fine. All of your personal settings will be gone, such as your desktop and start menu configurations, but that's not a big deal. Those only take about 5 minutes to fix (and that's if you're a slow worker ). Your registry will also be toast, so you will have to reinstall (or repair) all the programs you have installed. Once again, not that big of a deal. The whole process should only take a couple hours, and half of that will be snacking while you wait for the computer to do its thing.

    Another thing you can do is forget that Windows crap and install a real OS.

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