I have win2k adv. server on my box. ive had it for several years now. and all of a sudden after I shut down my box after 4 days of uptime on mIRC, I restarted, logged in, and then a little while later, instead of showing me my desktop, a black screen came up saying something bad happened and it is now going to dump all my RAM to my HD(for some reason) after that it would just stay on that black screen then you have to shut down and restart. This has happened to me before but usualy after i restarted everything would be normal again but now it happens every time i restart so i have to boot into safe mode. There are no viruses on my comp (thats what Norton AV says)
*note* I dont have to log in for this to happen. if i just start my box and not login the Black Screen of Death will still apear.

(i have all my porn on this comp.)