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    Unhappy con/con

    hi someone keeps sending my friend the
    con/con code and it keeps giving him a
    blue screen... i was wondering what kind
    of patch to get in order to prevent the
    blue screen error...thanks

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    The patch is called Linux.

    Well how are they sending him the code?
    Web Page redirection, batch file or what....

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    First, have him check if there are any patches from Microsoft that he hasn't installed that might make a difference, such as from . If he's on Windows 95 and it still happens, it might be worth upgrading to 98 (Second edition), because it is somewhat improved but isn't a major transition, like going to NT.

    How is the person sending this code? ICQ? Email? Webpage? What? Has your friend tried using any ignore-features on ICQ/AIM/Yahoo IM to block it?
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    it happens on windows up to and including 2nd edition. I may be wrong but i don't think there is a patch for it. Its been fixed in win2k.

    how dumb is your friend to keep falling for the same trick..."dam! happens every time i click on this link"

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    The link to finding the patch for the con/con bug is here.

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