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Thread:'s new projects... opinions?

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    2,007's new projects... opinions?

    I was wandering the net, and came across again... Apparently Mr. Gibson claims to have two new innovations, a claimed DoS-resistant TCP/IP stack, and some faster port scanning methods. I'm going to finish reading the details tomorrow, but I'm wondering whether you guys think some of it is too good to be true, not good enough, etc.

    Faster port scanning?

    A custom TCP/IP stack?

    And in other news, Zeosync... nah.
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    Gibson is a great engineer and I have full confidence in him and his projects. It's a shame ppl. start a hate page like just because he had 1 thing wrong with the ddos theory.

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    Gibson is a great Social Engineer and I've little to no confidence in him and his projects. It's good ppl started sites like to highlight the fact that this guy isn't all he's cracked up to be.


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    Originally posted by jcdux
    Gibson is a great Social Engineer and I've little to no confidence in him and his projects. It's good ppl started sites like to highlight the fact that this guy isn't all he's cracked up to be.

    So you also say that JP is a charlatan? because people supporting Attrition happen to back up grcsucks as well.
    I would like to know how you have formed such an opinion (no offence).
    Gibson together with PChelp managed to warn the masses about the fraud Jason Paris is, who sold his crappy program Lockdown to thousands of people who would have been better off with ZA or sygate for free.

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    I formed my own opinion from many sources including and (and other security sites).

    Gibsons forte is marketing and hype.

    I first stumbled over GRC when looking for online port testing tools, at first it looked slick but upon closer examination (and comparisons with other online probe / port tests) shields up is nothing but a false sense of security.

    I'm not going to rant and rave about Gibson, I think people should research all the facts and make thier own informed decision on Gibsons credibility.

    As for JP, I have gotta to say thanks for this site, the most notable thing about Antionline is that it's not 1 persons biased or twisted viewpoint, it's an open forum where many come to share ideas and views, there are some very good members that can and do post useful info.

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    IMHO, does a pretty good job of describing some of the inherent glaring problems with issues like port-scans, the strength of your firewall, and MS' known hole with XP and raw sockets, something that only came standard with unix systems, and wasn't usable by Win9x boxes unless you had some third party software program.

    Do I think he's a smart engineer with some fairly good stuff? Yes.

    Do I think he's the end-all-be-all? No. Nobody is.

    Do I think someone could gain reasonable knowledge about security and whatnot by reading his site? Yes, if they look past the emergency-state he puts everything in. There are lots of things wrong in the computer field. Making them all in bright red or blue isn't going to make me (or others) feel that because he said put them in that text that they're worse than others. An emergency is something that is defined by whoever's experiencing it. Example: a temp work business I did contracting work doesn't give a rat's ass about ports and such but they seriously DO care about the other "unix" guy stealing their customer list and selling it to their competitors (he did that once before). What do they care about? Bigger locks on the doors and making sure he wasn't dialing in.

    Moral of the story:
    Information is determined by whoever's looking for it. The eye of the critic is the harshest and while there are those who say "GRC sucks my ass", there's some validity in it, however I'd like to see these same people who target Gibson, Meinel (don't know much about her), and JP do a better job of what these people do. It's easy to dispose of what anyone says when you have a crew of people who "do it all" that you can gather information from.

    Once again, these are just my opinions.
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    I have 1 last thing to say and I wonder what you will answer. You believe the words of a buncha college dropouts?
    Don't be mistaken but Meinel and Gibson are both engineers, I know Meinel very wel and even tough techbroker got defaced a few times Happy hacker has never been compromised (yet) so she still managed that. And Gibson how could he be a marketeer?? I have never been asked to pay for my port probe and like 75 percent of all the good software he provides is free. Gibson is one hell of a programmer (he does assembly) and I doubt he could be wrong.

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    Yay someone talking bout

    I am very anti-WkD (the person who ran DDoS attacks on

    He is such a lamer its not even funny. He hex edited the DDoS bot known as Evil Bot and changed the name and sme other words in the program but never accually changed anything that took any skill other then knowing how to use a hex editer. Next he had less then 400 bots which i find funny. Evil bo is like a 10k server file and very easy to get a couple 1000 bots in a day! WkD like most kiddys think evil bot is good case of the size and how many bots can be infected. But there are 2 big problems with Evil Bot, it makes a new bot everytime the server file is open... so 1 dial up connection can accually have around 20 bots on the bot net on the same host, and we all know what kinda problems that can cause.. Next the evil bot has a part in it that causes all the bots to quit when there are 70 or more bots in the channel at 1 time (i could be wrong with the # 70, i forget exactly how many it was).
    My fav part of this is WkD's botnet admin password for the ircD he ran it on was "realhack" *he told me himself when we were "friends"*

    but i like GRC to a point, as for his new projects i will have to check them out when i have time... sorry for my rant i jus had to get it out

    well i g2g, ill continue my rant later...

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    I'm still reading the details my self Terr but it looks as if it may work. There's no set date as to when it's supposed to be released but I'm looking forward to it. IMO, I thinks that G.E.N.E.S.I.S. will have a few bugs in it. There's still malicious hackers/crackers out there that will find new DoS methods.. but then again, it's just my opinion.


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    All I can say is that until you can make a TCP/IP stack (not to mention one that is hardened against DoS attacks), then you should give Gibson the respect he deserves. I think the way he handled the TCP/IP stack operation was ingenious, I certainly wouldn't have tought of using the encrypted ip address as a token identifier for the SYN/ACK packet.

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