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    how do you run an ASM file?????

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    this site gives you all possible file types and tells you what they are.

    ASM Assembler Language source file
    ASM Pro/E assembly file

    That's what it is, but I'm not sure how you would open it, as I have never dealt with it, but maybe in some Assembler environment or compiler.

    Hope this helps,
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    An asm file is a text file containing
    assembly language programming
    source code.
    Naturally, you can open or read
    it with any text editor.
    In order to run the program,
    it must be run through a programming
    tool called an assembler.
    The assembler takes it, reads it,
    and produces an executable file.
    The difficult part is that the asm file is written
    not only for a specific type of processor/computer,
    but that the way it is written will
    also require a specific assembler.
    If you are lucky, the person who wrote
    the file included comments telling you what
    computer, operating system and assembler
    the file is written for.
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    assembly language file or asm file is a simple text file.
    but yes u have to compile it with an assembler which makes two files one is .exe (executable file) and the other one is .obj file.
    then u have to load the programme in the memory using the loader utility.

    yes it depends up on the system series and the processor u are using to use a particular assembler.

    for good information pls click here

    hope this will help...


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