I figured I would post this question. Everyone usually seems more than happy to share their opinions on this board.

I have a Windows 2000 Web Server, and a Windows 2000 DNS server. I am on a DSL connection and will be purchasing static IP addresses from my provider. The reason I have this setup is obviously I would like to do some web hosting through my DSL connection. Currently my setup is like so:

DSL Modem -> 5 Port Hub -> The 2 servers plugged into hub, each have own static IP addresses assigned by DSL provider.

I would like to have some kind of hardware firewall. I was just wondering if you guys could let me know what my options are. Would buying a router with a built in firewall be a good idea?For example if I bought the router and setup the network like this:

DSL Modem -> Router (with built in firewall) -> The Servers

It seems kind of weird to go purchasing a router just for its firewall though. Any other options? Any firewall recommendations, or network setup recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Price isn't a factor. Thanks!