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Thread: Network Setup Question - Firewall Implementation

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    Originally posted by jared_c
    KorpDeath, Thanks for the suggestion..

    However, I am trying to stay away from a linux solution. The only reason why is because I don't know enough about linux. I would love to get into it in the future, but if disaster struck I wouldn't have the knowledge to fix the problem.
    Jared_c there is some really easy "Linux way" available at I keep saying this...

    You even don't need a HDD to run this thing on a box. The only thing you need is a 80486DX with 2 NIC's, a FDD and 32MB Ram.(or less specs but that will get your performance down...)

    You have to configure it through a java applet from any browser in your LAN by typing in the IP adress of the box which runs the firewall... like any other hardware router... so very easy, cheap and effective...

    it can do DNS, DHCP, NAT, route traffic to a web server,...

    it starts from floppydisk and loads everything in RAM. If you do get stuck? reboot the thing and the ADSL modem and in a minute you are back online.

    Although a hardware firewall is also a very good solution -> check the websites from linksys, Dlink or SMC. I have posted the URL's in another firewall thread...

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    Now if I gave the Router and the 2 Servers each an assigned IP Address from the provider, would the router be acting as a firewall for the 2 servers?
    if i understand you you want the linksys to do this...

    cable in
    linksys (protect me)
    server 1 (24.xx.xx.1)
    server 2 (24.xx.xx.2)

    afaict - in the config you've set out the linksys will be the only enternally recognized (wan side) ip...

    don't think you can configure it to do anything else but...

    cable in
    linksys (24.xx.xx.xx)
    server 1 (
    server 2 (

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    Thanks everyone for all of your help. I really appreciate all the info you guys supplied. I have a better idea what my options are now, and I learned a few things along the way.

    Thanks Again!
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    For the guy who needs a firewall router

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