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    Talking Antioniline IRC

    For those members who havent already, i would like to encourage all of you to join us in the AntiOnline IRC

    If you dont know much about IRC i suggest you read MsMittens WONDERFUL post Tutorial - IRC

    I spend alot of time in the AntiOnline Channel, some may say too much time, it is really fun and a good way to meet new people and the AntiOnline staff.

    JP usualy hangs out in there also when hes not busy at work(as usual)

    Also the chat keeps stats of how much you chat and what other useres are doing and this can be found at

    IRC is also the EASYST way to find answers for your questions right away, most of the time there is atleast one knowlageable indevidual in the chat that can help

    Hope to see you there soon!!!

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    I wanted to move this post up (and give props to dizzome). A lot of peeps were in there last night, and it's a lot greater when there are a lot of people (although I couldn't get anyone to discuss cisco, or computer's @ all for that matter. Seems as though everyone was utterly concerned with Louie's 'extracurricular' activities). But nonetheless, come check it out.

    :If you code it, they will come;


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    frank n Beans, Frank n beans!!


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