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Thread: Where Can I Find VB6 SOFTWARE?

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    Question Where Can I Find VB6 SOFTWARE?

    I am taking a programming class in August so I need to know where I can visual basic 6 software and how much it costs. Gotta have it brickwall

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    VB 6

    Hey, well i suggest getting VB6 pro

    try looking somewhere like or something like that for online ordering

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    The only issue with VB6 Pro is that it's costly. You could get the "Learn Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days" by Sams and it comes with a version of VB that's fairly good. That might get you through the course at a lot cheaper price, but if you've got the cash, definitely get VB 6 Pro.
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    Check the store wherever you're taking these classes (assuming it's a college campus that has one.) They generally sell student editions of such software at a greatly discounted price.
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    VB6 Pro

    If your going to spend money you might as well spend the extra few bucks and get the Pro edition......

    Whats the point of not getting it?? The Pro is worth its dollar, the enterprise edition might not be though.

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    If you want it for free go to

    or any of the links but i didnt suggest it lol


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    The version of VB6 that is most often included in books for classes and such is the "Learning Edition" of VB. It's fairly close to the full version, but the main difference lies in the fact that you can't compile any programs you create. If your class is focused solely on VB programming, then I'd take a guess and say that whatever book they require you to buy will probably include the "Learning Edition" that I'm talking about. However, I do recommend buying the Pro edition if at all possible.
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