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Thread: Tiny Trojan Trap

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    Question Tiny Trojan Trap

    Has anyone used Tiny Trojan Trap?

    In my (very cursory) evaluation I noted these features:-

    • complicated setup (particularly for a naive user)
    • in a Novell context (Windows 2000 Client), it behaved badly
    • (as above) Workstation Only mode - crashed system
    • manual and product differed

    Other than that, the idea seems good - a sandbox for nasties to play in.

    I think it is really early days yet for this product, despite (implied) links to a USAF contract for 500,000 desktops from Securiatae, an allied company ( )

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    Talking try this

    my trojan trapper
    don't download any files from people you don't know
    don't run screwy looking executable files
    have windows view full extensions
    run a virus scanner
    run a firewall
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    This product reminds me of another product out there called DeepFreeze that we discussed here:
    The difference seems to be that Deepfreeze was more for protection against changes made by users, while Tiny Trojan Trap protects against changes made by programs, scripts, or worms. It seems though that DeepFreeze would offer the same protection.
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    I saw this program too on the tinysoftware site,

    Decided against a download mainly cos of the 9Mb size (roll on broadband in my area)

    Zepherin gave good sound advice - especially the advice on allowing full file extensions to be


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