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    It seems that, after starting a message, a smilie (smily?) will only insert at the (current) last character, such as here . But if I type on and try to insert a smily just after this asterisk *, but after typing the rest of this sentence (and to do this I have to click back at the * point), the smiley (!!) appears at the END, right here:

    I do hope you understand. I can't go back and insert a smiley...

    [Yes, how do you spell the singular?]

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    I know mate, it's unbelievable!! This site should be shut down and taken off the net - it's just shocking!!

    \"Do you know what people are most afraid of?
    What they don\'t understand.
    When we don\'t understand, we turn to our assumptions.\"
    -- William Forrester

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    Well, that's the way it's going to have to be. In order to go back an insert a smilie anywhere in a message, instead of at the end of the text typed so far, we'd have to do some hefty javascript work that wouldn't be compatible with all browsers.

    I appreciate the suggestion though!

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