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Thread: "internet explorer error plzz help"

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    Unhappy "internet explorer error plzz help"

    most of the times when i'm working on the net or otherwise,, i get the irritating but now a part of the life error,,

    a pop up window saying that the program has caused an illegal operation & the IE will now close & i become as helpless as a jerry chased for life by tom the cat

    what is the cause of such a common error which i feel have been encountered by all & sundry,, & how to rectify it.. any help is greatly welcomed, THANX

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    the fastest way to get explorer going is to re-install it.. sorry
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    Smile "internet explorere error plz help"

    thz for ur reply pooh
    but how to reinstall IE

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    Hey, I get that too!
    Must be a normal feature.
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    Well, we all know that persistant bugs and mysterious errors are all a part of life with using Windows. But in this situation, I'll ask a few questions first: is IE the only program you have open at the time when you get the error? Are you going to the same Internet site and getting the error or getting the error at random? What OS (95, 98, ME, etc?) are you running?

    It may come down to a reinstall, but not quite yet. If you do have to reinstall, you'll need your OS installation system CD and you'll be able to get it from there.
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    That is a normal feature, like rcgreen already said... Try using some other browser, like Netscape or Opera... or Lynx... One interesting browser I heard about is CubicEye... Then, when none of these works anymore, completely re-install your system.

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    Question "internet explrer error plz help"

    hello hackers friends
    thz for ur responses,,, by the way maverick iuse win ME,& i get this error any time i 'm using my Pc whether online or offline,, i can get it any time,, while running any application,, reading,writing mail,, it is not necessary that i get this error while opening a particualr site,, i get this error as easily commonly as sunrise & sunset

    also ican get this error even when some programs r running or loads of applications r running

    so what should i do,, reinstall IE or,,,,,,


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