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Thread: Laptop Bios Override

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    Post Laptop Bios Override

    My friend has a dell laptop with a bios pw set on it. The harddrive contains incriminating MIRC evidence against someone that he would like to use. He has the laptop in his possion and needs access to the HD. NE1 know a way to override or crack a turned off Dell Bios PW? THX

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    It depends on the model of the computer and I'm quite sure that you can find all information on Dells support site. Probably is it quite easy to reset the bios but if not then you always can get a converter and plug the hdd into another computer.

    Good luck, hope this helps !

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    Laptops are evil. I once cracked a BIOS password
    on a "real" computer. It required booting from the floppy
    drive and runnung a simple little program.
    Did I say laptops are evil?
    I got the prog on Simtel.
    I dunno about laptops, they're evil.

    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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