OK then, from what I know of this only works on Fortres V4.0. Please tell me if it works on other versions. Also, from what I can see i'm the only person who seems to know about this (apart from the programers)...... so this is an exclusive.

If your school has the bitch of a program Fortres running on it's machines to stop you getting to certain areas of the computer then press Ctrl + Shift + Esc all at once. This brings up the password box to get into Fortres (the password box your admin uses to turn off all the security). Now then, leave this box open. If there is a number in the top of the box then your administrator has left the Backdoor password option enabled (this means that if they forget their password they can call up the manufacturer and get a backdoor password). Visit:
And type in the number located in the top of the password box into the text box. When you hit submit it will give you the backdoor password! Simple.

If you didn't get a number on the top of the password box DONT WORRY, READ ON!!! This means that the back door password has not been enabled.

Now for the bit I worked out.... (the exclusive).....

If the administrator did not turn back door password on simply type in 81 into the password box, you then have the option to change the administrator password!! Thats it... 81! A simple programming error. Works every time when the backdoor password has been disabled.

Tell me if you find it of any use. Remember I have only tried it on V4.0.