i just seen the new icons for the boards and i like them better than the light bulbs . much better than those bulbs lol ..far bew it for me to criticize anyones site ( im a webie myself) but ill throw in my 2 cents.... i personally would like to see this site open up to the negative side of security ( what i mean is like securing your site by hacking into it kinda thing ) more of the most recent exploits and security bulletins that are going on ( i personnaly am a reg at secureroot , blackcode, electronic freedom foundation(E.F.F.) cult of the dead cow etc. etc. ..... the header here says " the hackers know the weaknees in your system, should'nt you?" well yes i totally agree...we shpould all know. thats why i think you should maybe start collarborating with those you were once in touch with ... it just may bring a sence of uberism to the site....bring back what once was a great thing. without certain help this site has lagged lots you could be tops on exploits and prevention of .. if i had that opportunity id take it straight up!!