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Thread: morpheus/kazaa question

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    Yeah ! **** The RIAA ....!!!

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    If K/M shut down there'll be no way to create supernodes to catolog the location of all the files, but if someone comes up with a search engine for port 1214, now that would be pretty cool. no record of down/uploads for the record industry to follow.

    fyi, bearshare works the same way, on port 6000 something, i forget the exact port number, but you can find it in some K/A users shared dir.
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    Black Label Society 1919 Eternal New Album On March 5th!#@

    Kazaa and Morpheus may be free to get mp3s, but you should all run out on March 5th and buy Black Label Society's new album 1919 Eternal on March 5th!#@ Its thier heaviest album to date and should NOT disappoint metal fans, check it out.
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    pwl files

    Originally posted by Ivan Kozhedub
    yeah i tried it, everytime i tried to connect to the 1214 port to view all their files i just got a page not found error..

    also , i thought .pwl files where written in hex? i tried to open one with word pad and note pad but it just looked like unreadable jargon stuff ...

    *.pwl is encrypted u need to get a decrypter for 'em u can get one at (i think) [wow, windows has *some* security, eh?]

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    yeah i had a look round for some pwl crackers, found one called cain that looked useful, done a brute force on 2 files but it only told me the amount of characters in it, was i doin summat wrong does anyone know?

    i have deleted it now though cos it was also infected with some kind of trojan, i guess this would be to use it as a remote access but i didnt really like having it on my machine..

    does anyone know the names of any good pwl crackers ?

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    Thumbs up hell yeah

    here's a hex editor by hackman

    ok for what ever reason it did't up load the file so i will post a link
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