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Thread: AV products

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    Question AV products

    I am currently working on a new LAN and discovering the world of computer security. My main computer uses NAV2001 that is constantly being updated. I was wondering if any of you would care to comment on the following products.
    Kaspersky Anti-virus.
    McAffee Antivirus.
    I know that there are many other product available but thier names slip me right now and info on effectivness and product quality would be appreciated. JIFFYPROGASM
    P.S I would also like to know if the Kaspersky anti-virus encyclopedia is available for download? Thanks.....
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    • McAffee AV is a good product it find almost everything its supposed to find in tests.
    • it's weekly updated and emergency .dat's are available when needed.
    • it's a bit heavy though and utilize the processor to much.

    I used McAfee for a long time and I had problem running it under Win2000 pro since it crashed now and then.

    I'm planning to try a .dll scanner since it's aint as resource hungry as normal .exe scanners are today. My next evaluation will probably be Sophos or Panda AV but I can't tell much about them today but maybe in a month or two.

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    I have never used Kaspersky Anti-virus. I have used Mcaffe have to be careful with the virus updates. They can hose your system so bad only a format/reinstall can bail you out. I like F-prot from datafellows. They have linux AV sortware too(for what 4 or 5 viruii?lol) the windows version is the best for that platform IMHO. Get it here:

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    I switched to Panda ( and bought a copy of it. It's fast and efficient, with barely the resources used like NAV did and so far, I've not had any problems with it. Configured so that it updates nightly, everything stays updated.
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    I've had a fair amount of experience with McAfee and I am overall satisfied with the program. I know that there are a lot of people that live by Norton, however.

    Micael brings up some very good points about McAfee - most of all, it is a processor hog, especially on a system with just a little bit of age to it. A previous update of the McAfee scan engine caused major problems with slow downs and processor utilization time - McAfee has since posted another scan engine, which fixed the problem for the most part, but it's still a hog of processor. If the machines are older machines, you may want to look elsewhere.

    Other than that, McAfee does offer frequent updates to both the .dat files and the scan engines. Overall, not a bad AV program.

    I've not had experience with the others, so maybe someone else could provide some insight here?
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    Red face IMHO

    I have found through experience that using any of the fine products of either PC-cillin or Fix-IT and using for a software firewall Zone Alarm Pro will pay dividends! Caveat...(AND this is a BIGGIE): these hearty reccommendations should only be utilized for home networking or small business networks of no more than 10 clients. If you want to go enterprise, I still reccommend Fix-IT enterprise editions, but it will cost... BUT: Fix-IT enterprise suites are extremely "no-brainers" to configure, even a pinheaded chimp can configure it! Anyway, I suppose it all boils down as to your need...and, of course, appropriate trade-offs... Please visit the On-Track web page for further can't hurt!!!

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    even a pinheaded chimp can configure it!
    ya mean an nt admin can use it ???...

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    Talking Quite, Zigar...Quite

    Yes... I was referring to an NT Administrator...such as myself...

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    Inever tried Kaspersky Anti-virus

    and had problems with MCaffee.. Norton just didn't do nothing
    but screw up my computer.. cause conflicts and didn't even
    find the darn virus i had on my computer.

    I wish I still had PC Cillin.. WOW that thing works.. but
    it's so popular I have to go to the store now to download it
    becuse the web site stays so busy , I was unable to download it.

    So I use AVG Anti virus and it works great so far.. No conflicts,
    It auto updates and has lots of add-ons you can use when using other programs such as ICQ, MSN messager and YAhoo.

    Wish I had known more on this before i caught a vuris from a old
    Floppy drive I used a few days ago....

    and yep yep Kewl_Zero, Put your virus software together with Zone Alarm and your PC is built like M1 Abram


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    i am currently using the norton anti-virus 2002 and maybe it is a good anti-virus. i installed also pc-cllin anti-virus and it's not so good unlike the norton whom have many applications and softwares that can be used.

    when the time that the virus (winKRIZ) attack me, i uses the kapesky's lab anti-virus software that i found very good in detecting the some viruses. however, this anti-virus(kapersky anti-virus) software that i have downloaded is or can only be detected the winKRIZ probelm and the like. but as waht i can see, this anti-virus sofware that the kaperskyy lab's created is a good anti-virus depending on what the viruses you are infecte to...
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