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Thread: Expand / contract

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    Expand / contract

    The expand / contract option for a post (the + or - sign) does not seem to work in Opera 6.0 ?

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    Yes, I know about this stupid problem, and it pisses me off.

    For some unknown reason, Opera 6 insists on using IE as its client identifier. Meaning, it reports back to the webserver that it's Internet Explorer, when in reality, it's not. There's a option to have it report that it's Opera, but by default, it reports it's IE.

    Now, this wouldn't be a big issue, except that Opera 6.0 doesn't implement dhtml all that well.

    So, in our code, we check to make sure that the browser is the correct version of IE before we send the dhtml code. If the browser reports it's an older version of IE, or it's Netscape, or what have you, we send it regular old html.

    You see where the problem lies?

    I'm going to have to look into this more, and find some way around Opera being stupid.

    Suggestions are welcome.

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    I have noticed that when I set in (the preferences) opera to be recognised as IE5 the AO pages do have the "expand all" and "contract all" option at top of the page working, but not the + and - signs at the posts.

    When I set Opera to be recognized as Opera it will not show neither the expand all / extract all neither the + / - signs.

    Conclusion: perhaps, the Opera users have to wait for a better dhtml support?

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