Hello Everyone!

It is just about that time of year again! Yes, it is time for all of us college students to look for ultra-cool summer internships, so I was hoping some of you guys (and gals) could help me out a bit. Basically, I've had quite a bit of experience, and I'm looking for an internship in a security consulting, or just plain-ole computer consulting firm (not small ones mind you, something of significant size and scope). So, do you guys happen to know of any good computer consulting, or computer security consulting firms based on the East Coast? For instance, I know Counterpane is a good security consulting firm, but they are in California, and I'm sure they aren't going to hire an intern from the East Coast, and put him up in a house.

And, if any of you happen to own/work for one of these companies, my resume can be found: here

Thanks for your help!