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Thread: ISDN help

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    ISDN help

    I'm getting ISDN in in the morning and could use a few pointers on the setup.

    Linux 2.2.14 kernel on a i686
    will be using a Terminal Adaptor

    The reason I'm asking for help is I think I remember reading somewhere the isdn4linux couldn't be used with a Terminal Adaptor.
    Is this true?

    Any input on this matter would be help me out alot.

    Thanks in advance.
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    taken from a Linux how-to file (URL's wher you can get similar info at end of this post):

    There are a few different ways to connect your computer to an ISDN service. One way is to use a device called a `Terminal Adaptor' .This adaptor plugs into the Network Terminating Unit (that you telecommunications carrier will have installed when you received your ISDN service), and it presents a number of serial interfaces. One of those interfaces is used to enter commands. Some commands are used to establish calls and configuration, while others are actually connected to the network devices that are to use the data circuits (when they are established). Linux will work in this sort of configuration without modification: you just treat the port on the Terminal Adaptor like you would treat any other serial device. The kernel ISDN support is also designed to allow the user to install an ISDN card into the Linux machine. This allows the Linux software to handle the protocols, and the software can make the calls itself.

    Kernel Compile Options:

    ISDN subsystem --->
    <*> ISDN support
    [ ] Support synchronous PPP
    [ ] Support audio via ISDN
    < > ICN 2B and 4B support
    < > PCBIT-D support
    < > Teles/NICCY1016PC/Creatix support

    More of this info is available at:

    I hope this nfo helps?

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