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    Post FreeWare Antivirus

    I was wondering what Freeware antivirus products people would recommend. I know I could have searched google for "freeware antivirus software" but I wanted to read peoples opinions, not companies claims...

    Anyway, any help would be appreciated...

    I forgot the OS info! The box is running just plain old Windoze ME...

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    I just got pass getting rid of a terrible Boot sector Virus and now
    know how inportant it is to choose the RIGHT virus software.

    I had Norton 2000, but it did not help me for some reason and
    the virus infected almost everything in my boot sector and floppy
    ( that's where I went wrong.. the darn Virus was on my boot
    disk....LOL )

    But my suggestion fora FREE Virus software could be two things
    I found

    try this link--->

    AVG ANTI Virus seems to work GREAT, it checks for viruses
    in all areas of your computer, checks the Boot sector during
    startup of your computer, checks Files and Folders and drives
    that you specify and what time to check for them
    ( by the hour and so on...), scan incomming and outgoing mail
    for any virus, trojans and so on, .. works good also with a add on that I found for mIRC and MSN Messenger and ICQ

    The add on is at ----->

    these are a MUST download for people who use or transfer files through MSNMessenger , ICQ or chat mIRC chat clients

    I have not tested out the ICQ and MSN messnger virus software yet.. But I installed the mIRC antiVirus protection software and all
    I can say is WOW it works great. It will scan any file that is transfered in DCC to or from a user. It also has a built in Updater
    ( it sits in the system tray and will look for Virus updates every so hour (s) that you specify.

    It's not only compatable with AVG virus software, but also works
    with Norton, McAffee and other virus software. Just specify what
    virus software you use in the Pull down menu and the script
    will do a auto search on your computer for the Executable file.

    the scripts are FREE too ( or shareware)

    P.S ( Best to BUY a virus program than to use a FREE one.
    I think we get more features and support when we BUY)

    (Mom: Can I borrow $65.00.....)


    BitDefender for mIRC is the first proactive solution that blocks all viruses threatening the system as a result of file transfers through mIRC. The technology included in BitDefender for mIRC enables filtering and, if necessary, disinfecting or deleting all infected files transferred on a computer by mIRC. Without affecting the file transfer rate, the moment a transferred file is found infected, a window is opened and the user receives an interactive message, being able to choose between deleting, disinfecting or blocking the infected file.

    BitDefender for mIRC includes all detection modules and all signature databases from BitDefender Professional. Updating the signature databases is possible because of the product upgrade feature, done with a simple click.

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    I forgot to mention that if you go to the BitDefender web site,
    that's the second virus software I think that work well.
    However, if you do NOT buy from them or use any of their products, they seem to dislike helping you a little...

    I was a little hurt when their support area E-Mailed me back
    and said sorry we canot help you, but if you download our


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    Originally posted by Corynthus

    AVG ANTI Virus seems to work GREAT, it checks for viruses
    in all areas of your computer, checks the Boot sector during
    startup of your computer, checks Files and Folders and drives
    that you specify and what time to check for them

    I use and recommend AVG's virus protection software. As far as a freeware antivirus product you can't beat it IMHO.....

    The only slight gripe I have about it is AVG are a little slow in releasing virus update databases. Norton seemed to update daily whilst AVG updates around once a week....But hey, ya get what ya pay for!!

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    there are many freeware antivirus out in the market
    but i would like to recomend the antivirus from the
    kapersky lab. i prefer to use that anti-virus than those
    from symantec.
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    Never mind me....I posted something a little harsh and thought better of it in hindsight...I apologise.

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    Cool free protection

    I use Antivir XP.. neverw had probs with it...
    or (german version)
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