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    Question i need a suggestion

    hello guys
    Again the person teased by her gf. , also i'd like to thanks all the persons specially vorlin for their help. i used the net stat command successfully but guys netstat command needs a file must be transfered in ordor to trace her wat would be the alternative suggestion if other person is not accepting any file. I've read the vorlin post titled as "Newbies read it 1st" from where i came to know about ass sniffer. but i m unable to use it. it gave me error while converting my ip into fake one. well if anyone can help me by covering this problem or i'll be very glad if some one suggest me some alternative software for tracking the ip of my gf and so get the prays of a poor lover

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    me no understand what you want do..... maybe help me understand better?

    Are you stalking?

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    actually i wanted to trace the ip of my gf on msn messenger who is working in msn cooperation and challenges me to trace her ip on MSN messenger which is a 3rd party server based chatting programs and like AOL it shows the fake ip when we used netstat-a command while peer to peer connection, I hope u'd understand wat i really want. So can u help me how can i find her ip and defeat her challenge

    Originally posted by KorpDeath
    me no understand what you want do..... maybe help me understand better?

    Are you stalking?


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    ther is a program called ip thief pro that might help.

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    to know what is an ip and how does it work u have to learn and read many things about it...

    heres a link which will give u very good information..

    pls click here

    just read is very nice...

    happy learning...all the best...


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