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Thread: disabling antivirus.....?

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    Question disabling antivirus.....?

    hi folks
    Is anyone interested in telling me the ways how can i disable the antiviruse like norton. I already knew the method of modifying the keys of registry so that next time norton won't start with O/S , but drawback of this method is , it require rebooting. I came to know about some *.dat files which after running on a system disable the antivirus. but i don't know the exact name and location from where i can get them. I'd be thankfull if anyone help me to find them or tell me the ways of disabling the antiviruses. I hope and shall wait for some good response.

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    Hi mom!
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    What other reason than using this for virusses could you possibly have? I don't think anyone here is going to help you, as AntiOnline is a site where people gather to share information on how to protect your system - not how to create low-life virusses.

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    Talking RE Disabling

    Hmmmm.... could n-stlye be a member of Al-Qaida plotting some heinous act of cyber terrorism?!

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    Why would you want to disable them in the first place. Norton is my fav for anti-virus programs i don't understand why you would put a computer open to virus entry like that. Do you want to get a virus on your comp or something?? Or are you a person that puts viruses on peoples computers??Think about it


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    i guess u r trying to write some malicious stealth program to disable av. this is not a place for such discussion....


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