Original source Oxygen3 newsletter

A bug has been discovered in ICQ Voice Video & Games features in versions prior to 2001b. ICQ recommend that users update their applications to the latest version.

The problem in these ICQ versions lies in the handling of certain data packets which could cause buffer overflows and allow an attacker to run malicious code on the machine without the user knowing.

ICQ 2001b was released on October 31 2001, and therefore all computers with a version installed before this date are affected by this serious security problem. According to information released by ICQ, if you want to know if the version installed on your machine is vulnerable, click any User Name in the ICQ Contacts List and look for the options "Launch Voice/Video" and
"Launch Games". If these options are present, then the ICQ klient version is vulnerable and you should download the update from: http://www.icq.com/download/ .