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Thread: viewing the deleted items...?

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    Lightbulb viewing the deleted items...?

    hi all
    can anyone help me how can i view or recover the items which are deleted and than empty the recycle bin. I'd be happy if one suggest me some software and its location.

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    Well, you can find some at - just look in the category File & Disk Management (CNET > Downloads > Windows > Utilities > File & Disk Management).

    Also, you can try this one - - but it's a demo and if you want full version, obviously you must buy.

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    You can try one of the utilities at .

    I have earlier used a tool called "lost & found" or was it "lost and find" anyway that tool was one of the most powerful tools (and dangerous) I ever have used but I could not find the link

    I think it was a tool from PowerQuest but I'm not sure.

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    A few months back I needed to recover some files I deleted by accident. I went to and did a search for "File Recovery". That bought up a whole bunch of free file recovery programs. Some were shareware, and some were even freeware. Worth a try.
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    we use executive software undelete around has an emergency undelete utility which can recover files which haven't been overwritten yet...

    the main prog runs as a service on win2k...

    the cool thing about it is that you get undelete protection across a mapped network drive...the recycle bin is only for local files...delete a file across a network and it's gone...doesn't even go into the recycle bin...

    it's 45 bucks for a single user...and well worth it...
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