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Thread: Of Mr Gate$ and 16Jan Internal Memo

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    Talking Of Mr Gate$ and 16Jan Internal Memo

    A hearty greeting to all!

    Did any of my brethren happen to catch the publicly released internal memo of Micro$oft where Billie-boy urges the troops to put security and privacy foremost in all future projects?! Omi****in'god!!!! What in the wide, wide world of sports have they been doing all these years!? <*bending over for the second time in as many days to relieve himself of the bitter sickness of a delicate stomach*>... Jesus God Almighty!!! I mean... *gasp*...could Xbox be nothing more than one giant physical manifestation of a giant Trojan!!!!....<*vomitting his guts out all over his newly shined shoes*>... Vorlin!... oh my word!!!...Vorlin is going to have sport with this!!!!

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    one giant physical manifestation of a giant Trojan
    Sounds big...
    Living life one line of error free code at a time.

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    Talking Quite...

    It is big, dear boy... VERY BIG...

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    seems to remind me of a large automake byline years ago that "quality is job one". only to be followed with holes drilled in frames, exploding gas tanks etc. Perhaps bill hired some of those engineers to bring their expertise to m$

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    Talking ..."Trustworthy Computing"...

    Right... a new era of "trustworthy computing" at Micro$oft...MY FOOT! LOL

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    He knows his Passport project is going nowhere if people have no confidence in MS-security. I think MS products are gonna be more secure in the future, or they'll loose market-shares. Security issues are becoming increasingly important as the web opens up for other activites than just surfing. I'm thinking of commerce and document exchange across the web in a user friendly manner.

    If MS manages this, they're in an excellent position for keeping their "monopoly". If not, they're gonna fall.

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    could Xbox be nothing more than one giant physical manifestation of a giant Trojan!!!!
    I'm not sure if it is or not since I don't own a Xbox nor do I plan on owning one. PS2 is what I would go with. But, where did you get the idea that the Xbox is or could be a trojan? As for M$ tightening up security, heh, well we'll see. It dosen't really matter how secure you claim your product to be, there's ALWAYS going to be something wrong with it. Especially M$.. even if they did make a marketing campaign to make more secure apps. then that would just encourage people to find bugs and holes in it..
    Just my opinion though.


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