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    I will be attending the 2 day Fosdem open source conference in Belgium during February the 16 th.
    If there are more people allso going and would like to hook up please let me know. Perhaps Negative and Blackout will be there as well(right guys?).

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    Talking I wanna go!

    Hehe, I'd love to go but It's over seas and I can't make the trip.
    Any who, post a thread about it in the Training/Confrence Fourms.


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    I will be meeting some AO members there. I will attend a few workshops and tell you guys if there is anything new/interesting coming up soon.

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    If I was active in Open source development I would certainly go... especially cause it's not so far from my home (25 minutes train) and it's in my vacation... perhaps I will be there spotting AO members?

    All info at

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    Lucky bastard! Wish I could go back to's a nice place. Meeting members of AO would be good, especially like-minded ones.
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    You don´t exactly need to be a developer. Most of us use not only Linux but other free/open source programs.
    There will be interesting speakers from all over the world, and best of all. It´s free.

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