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Thread: Boner for Goner

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    Boner for Goner

    I read somewhere that the very big worm "Goner" was made by two script kiddies, as it was a variant of another virus.

    What virus was it? Please say that it was a variant of some complicated virus done in Assembly, because if it AV software let another stupid I-Love-You virus through, there is something seriously ****ed up.
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    You can find information on this virus Here
    It's just another in a long list of Visual Basic worms.

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    Yeah, it's yet another visual basic "worm" of some sort, I think...I stopped caring after I realized that 90% of the "viruses" out there are macro-viruses and most of them have to do something with'd think they'd be more original.
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    This is in no way a thumbs up for the kiddies. But as long as folks do not take computer (windows) security serious the kiddies can create the vb worms for wide open programs like outlook. When their creations find a dead end it'll slow down. The problem is when someone who is really talented will come up with a really mean worm/virus. Better have your box locked down tight.
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