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Thread: email quirk

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    Question email quirk

    I use Earthlink DSL, just the other day a few people from my adress book ( not all of them ) got five emails from me...they all had the same attachment. The attachment was called skincream.mpg and the subject was "A french commercial" I did not send these emails out. ... About two months ago, I remember getting that attachment, I watched it, it was funny, I sent it out to some people from my adress book, then deleted the file from my computer. I updated Norton and ran it, it didn't catch anything. I was under the impression that viruses don't come in movies, songs, images...etc. Also, I thought a virus would send out to everyone in my adress book once, not a few people in my adress book five times. Can anybody give me an answer to what happened? Thank you...
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    Possibly the mail got caught in Earthlinks spool? Was it the same people that recieved it 5 times that you originally sent it to, or was it completely different?

    Anywho I wouldn't be troubled it by it much if you've scanned and you came up clean.

    However, be on the look out for the fluffybunnies, they're killers!!

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    Re: email quirk

    Originally posted by temp131
    I was under the impression that viruses don't come in movies, songs, images...etc.

    You're right. Although virus writers pray on peoples stupidity and sometimes add an extension to media files. For an example have a look at the worm known as "Love Letter"...


    The writer tried to hide as a gif file. But anyone with an ounce of PC knowledge wouldn't click on something that ended with .vbs.

    If you were infected with a type of worm it wouldn't send the mpeg anyway. It would just forward itself...

    Originally posted by KorpDeath
    Possibly the mail got caught in Earthlinks spool?

    I'd have to agree with Korpdeath....

    Also, the latest worm doing the rounds is the I Worm.Gigger. For those people who still persist with using Outlook have a look for the following changes to your system-


    And these registry keys-

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