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Thread: Wondering . . .

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    Wondering . . .

    I was wondering. I had my system hacked once and now I have ZoneAlarm. I have a hypothetical situation:

    What if I caught some1 in my machine and couldn't get them out. Could I use something like neotrace to get his ip and use "net use" to map his drive then use the con/con bug on him? This is assuming he has an unpatched win system.
    I did it to my laptop over the LAN and was just wondering if I could do that to crash his pc and break the link to mine over the net.

    Would that work?
    What do you mean you don\'t have a backup disk?

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    ...And what if he doesnt have an unpatched win system.

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    Just unplug your modem. Poof. No more ghost in the machine. A microgram of computer prevention is worth a pound of computer cure.
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