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    Hey, i think its really neat how the hacktivists teach the newbies all the things they can by answering there questions, most novices that i talk with are mean to all the newbies and dont want to help them, but we all forget we have to start somewhere. So anyway, thanks you all

    Does anyone agree?

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    awwww, what a cute little newbie!!!

    I want one.

    Helpfulness, that is what we are here for. That and fun.
    Thank JP.
    \"And everyone knows, that the world is full of stupid people\"

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    yeah...seriously are alot of help to us.
    i read and read and still some things you just cant find
    thanks alot for all the help..

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    Unhappy It's not the newbie it's the question

    Hacktivists have a purpose and they need mindless monkeys with tools trying to spread their message. Most people ask questions that would require a lot of effort to answer like "can you teach me how to hack?" Or ask questions about a topic that is worthless and not important. There's a difference between needing help for knowledge (like asking about the difference between a class b and class c network) and wanting to cause mischief (like asking how do you hack hotmail). Also there are a percent of people who are just jerks and like to harrass people who can't fight back.
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