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Thread: which is eaiser?

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    Question which is eaiser?

    Which is easier to hack with...Unix, Linux, or Windows 95/98? Is there anyother place we can set up a hacking lab?

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    What do you mean with hack...?
    If you are referring to SK behaviour go for windows and leave us alone...You can do a lot of things with a Win box but many more with a similar Linux / Unix box...

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    As VictorKaum said, you should determine "hack" a little... Like a Hacker actually just means a person who is very good with any hobby...
    But as to your question, it's generally just up to how well the system is configurated.. Unix-systems and Win NT's are generally better protected than Windows 9x -systems.
    Try Try2Hack, that's quite nice and I guess that's something you meant with a "hacking lab".

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