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Thread: designing viruses?

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    Question designing viruses?

    Where and how do you create a virus? where can i learn how to...the last person who showed me taught me in acrobat reader, is that really possible...i really didnt think he knew what he was doing...

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    Well, just on general principles, I'm not going to give you pointers on how to make a virus...

    But "serious" viruses are made in assembly, which is one of the most difficult computer languages because it is so low-level, in other words, it is closer to the 1's and 0's of programming than, say, C++ is.

    And then there are the .vbs worms and things, which are popular at the moment because they are relatively simple to make, it doesn't take much skill, given that there are even generators for them nowadays...

    Acrobat Reader? LOL. I don't think that works, although I could be wrong
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    AO text files ON VIRI

    check out these tutorials in the text files section and you could be on your way to writing viruses and i also found some sites with some good ASM tutorials. i could have looked for you but i'm positive you can find a free ASM compiler. i used to have one called visual asm or something like that

    Code breakers viri tutorials


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