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Thread: Phreak wanted

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    Phreak wanted

    I am writing a thesis on various aspects of computer security and need help in my research. I need a few minutes of a phreak who knows his stuff. Will you please take a few minutes and answer these questions? You may be published if your takes are legit. Thank you.

    1. What are the roles of phreaks in society?

    2. What motivates them?

    3. What interesting facts do you think are applicable?

    4. Do you believe that what you do is legal? Ethical?

    5. What is the future of phreaking?

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    correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't a phreak someone who is very intelligent with telephone security?

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    About the ethical stuff, I have posted a thread (a discussion with Ennis) which contains many opinions of senior members here and also presents lot's of links to pages concerned about hacking and ethics:

    for the links search in this thread:

    legal/illegal ---> well most know that certain actions are illegal therefor they will avoid doing them without having written premission to do so (white-hat/ethical hacking/hack on demand) or avoid doing them without hidding their identity (black-hat/cracking/non-ethical hacking).

    Interesting facts that are applicable:
    - the structure of the internet:
    it's based on anarchy cause there's no ruling institution, no 'control room'. The net is decentralised this is due to it's military (ARPA) origins. This structural element is an important issue in many discussions.

    - the ethical hackers use the argument that they protect other less computerminded ppl from the malicious hackers.

    - 95% of the so called "hackers" are in reality only skriptkiddies or crackers who use the script from talented ppl to break into another pc. for instance many webdefacements are done by those SK's: They are the same like the graffitti tags but then digital...

    - The hacker community is always faster than the big bussiness like M$...

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