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Thread: Which one is the best for POP3 checking?

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    Which one is the best for POP3 checking?

    Hi There

    In your uponion what is the best and secure program for checking POP3 mails?
    outlook, eudora, ............................... and why?

    I myself have used just outlook express.and haven't tested others.

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    I NEVER use Outlook or Outlook express for the simple reason that the majority of the worms are written to perform best in outlook.

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    Exactly what VictorKaum said...OE/Outlook completely suck my ass as far as 'security' is concerned. Sure, they might be the easiest to use, but damn, that's because they come with the OS (95/98/NT/2000/etc). Add in the fact that everyone on the planet seems to want to write 'viruses' and other "malicious" (god I love that overused word) stuff to break other people's WINDOWS machines on TOP of Microsoft saying "Yeah, to make it easier and more glitzy, we've enabled vbscript in emails!"...




    Riiiiiiiight. I use Opera 6's embedded mail client, which is pretty good. It's got security plugins ( and I don't have to worry about some damned .vbs running amuck. Eudora is promoted by Opera (and vice versa), so I know Eudora's good too. It's got a lot of filters and rules specifically aimed at families.

    On linux, good ol' sendmail (fully patched, of course) or qmail (good easier alternative).
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    I see , thank u gys

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