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    Cool Neowatch

    Can anyone tell me if the Neowatch firewall and neotrace are any good please.

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    I don't know these tow firewalls u indicated, but I myself use "Zone Alarm" , "Attacker" and "lock down".

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    I have no experience with the firewall, but neo trace is a fun package. the graphic interface though can be very misleading. Instead of mapping a line from you to the ip-address in question, it shows a line from you to the owner of the ip address. so if your in NY trying to trace a cable user in NJ, neo trace will draw a path from NY to california, the location registered to the owner of the cable company.
    If neotrace was the only means of tracing a tranmission, you would think a very large percentage of aol user lived in Sterling, VA.
    Im not gonig to buy it.
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    Yes I would have to give NeoWatch and NeoTrace two thumbs up. There might be one flaw and it might be in there labeling of how they define attacks on your computer. I actually looked into it, and you shouldn't believe it. But the main part of a firewall is that it provides you protection. And NeoTrace is just an awesome program, and it's pretty accurate at least it shows the main area, but I would really like to see more detail into that program.

    Just as a precaution I would recommend getting more then 1 firewall and just to be paronoid I have 3 up.

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    well, first of all, neotrace is a graphical trace route. it shows you pretty accurately where the ip you are looking for is located on a map.

    neowatch is a firewall with neotrace integrated. when neowatch prompt you about a probe on your ports, you can quickly locate the probing puter by double clicking on its ip.


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