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Thread: Help with a linux dual boot PLEASE!!!!

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    Unhappy Help with a linux dual boot PLEASE!!!!

    hello there, a few weeks ago I used partition magic and split my 15 gig hdd in 2 7.5 GB partitions and installed mandrake AFTER windows ME. and it was a dual boot menu (blue one for linux)

    well I needed to get rid of linux so I deleted the linux partition and used partition magic and restored my 7.5 GB partition (primary) to 15 GB again. then I reboot and right before the windows loading screen (or dual boot menu) i get the following:


    thats it. I am not sure how to reconfigure my dual boot menu or set the partition to redirect to my windows....I can use a boot disk and use command prompt to fix it...I just need to know what file to edit. ANY help would be greatly appreciated...I am really troubled here.



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    I've seen that before. Ain't it a bitch? I got it a couple times after botched Linux installs.

    My guess is that you forgot to remove your boot partition, where you chose to put your boot manager. Slap a Windows boot disk in there, and run fdisk. See if you see a small partition in front of your main partition. If you, do delete it. If not, go back and make sure your Windows partition is set as active.

    See if that helps.

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    You may also need to clear your master boot record. The command "fdisk /mbr" should get rid of any boot loaders that were installed by the linux setup. You will have to boot off a floppy to do this.

    Does anyone know any other way to clear your mbr.

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    Thanks guys. I needed my comp working really bad so I just reinstalled Mandrake but with a small install. I will try the MBR switch when I get rid of it again. Thanks for your help.


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    There's another thread here on AO about the "LI" problem...

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    Try "fdisk /newmbr" that should work. If that doesn't work try reinstalling Windows on your system and keep all your current settins and files. That should take care of it.


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