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Thread: linux modem help

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    linux modem help

    i just installed SuSE 6.1 and i am having the hardest time finding an answer for my problem. i can't figure out how to specify the port that my modem is on. there is no "modem config" tool on xwindows so i'm pretty sure i'm going to have to use the console. it isn't a winmodem and the seriallines are hooked up inside but every time i try to configure it (wvdial, minicom, etc...)it doesn't recognize the modem. could someone help me out? i can't believe i can install an older linux it but i can't configure a stupid modem!

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    I dont use this version of Suse but you can try to probe with Yast, go a console and put Yast. You will see a menu to configure that you want I think that Yast will help you bye
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    first thing u need to do is make sure u do not have a winmodem.. win modems only work with windoze
    go to the suse site and check for compatibility of your modem type.. of corse u may have already done this.
    If u have a win modem u will have to replace it with a non win modem befor u will be able to get on line.
    do a search on dogpile ( ) on " winmodems and linux "...
    I hope this helped

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    Re: electriccowboy

    Originally written by 5150
    it isn't a winmodem
    electriccowboy I don't think your suggestion helps here...
    anyway it's a good advice for everyone who wants to use a modem on a Linux box, coming from Windows.

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