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Thread: Breaking IP addr

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    Question Breaking IP addr

    Here are a few of my new doubts

    Q1. Are the ip addresses the only thing that differentiate computers on the net?

    Q2. I read somewhere that ip addr can be broken to give specific locations. how can that be done?

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    Hey ihsir
    Listen, before you go any further I just wanteed to tell you that some of the longer-registered members (not me) would have a problem with this sort of question. Personally I don't mind but you are lucky that you haven't gotten flamed and insulted because this sounds like it could be for "malicious reasons"

    Maybe you would be better off either asking it in another forum on another website or better still, search for it in Google or something.

    Sorry mate,

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    Jethro, correct me if I'am wrong but I think this is not a 'malicious reason' question.

    ihsir wants to expand his/her knowledge:

    1) Yes: ihsir the IP adress makes the difference between boxes on the net, however many boxes connect through NAT (this means many boxes only use one public IP to go online) So there could be more than 1 box behind 1 IP.

    2) Yes: IP's can be broken to specific regions, but you have to keep in mind that many IP's are owned by multinationals or international organisations, so an IP that belongs to an American company does not mean that the box connecting through it, is really or has to be located in America.

    Some info about IP's :

    About IP adressing structure:

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    not really sure i understand what your asking. what do you mean doubts?

    ip addresses are not broken, they are traced.

    go to a prompt and type tracert and hit enter. you'll get a replay from every router or server your packets pass threw.

    The last 2 responses: 260ms 281ms 280ms TTL: 0 ( ok)
    13 311ms 301ms 290ms TTL:241 ( ok)

    the last noe dosn't tell us much but the one before it does. this tells us this computer is in Sunnyvale Ca.

    isn't that where buffy comes from?

    If you really want to get somr information, try using SamSpade from

    SamSpade says:

    Yahoo! (NET-A-YAHOO-US2)
    701 First Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

    Netname: A-YAHOO-US2
    Netblock: -
    Maintainer: YAOO

    Admin, Netblock (NA258-ARIN)

    Is this what you wanted?
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    hey jethro,

    nothing "malicious/evil Haxxorical stuph" was intended, i just wanted to know more about the ip addr and other things.

    i'll try that latter when i'll be able to do them.

    thanks for the links and info victorkaum and tedob1, i'll check them out.

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    Sorry about that. I have had a bad week. I didn't mean to say it like that.
    I guess I'm just paranoid.
    I think I'll shut up from now on.
    Sorry again ihsir,

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