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Thread: DSL @ Home

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    Question DSL @ Home

    Basically I am fairly dumb about DSL. I would like to know if there is a tutorial available on how to set it up for in-house security.

    Questions I am needing to know are:

    1. is there a modem/router combo?
    2. should one set up a proxy between the modem and users (and how to do this)?
    3. what are some of the easiest and most simplest ways to set this up in your home for security purposes?

    Thank you

    I would appreciate it if one has good links to send them to me


    Wow..what a sophisticated web forum!..In 1994 I had a website dedicated to "WebTV" called WebTV Talk. Back then the only cgi's available were "Matt's scripts"..hahahah...sorry, it's been awhile since I have done any posting, I just had to chuckle at myself on how far things have come. Anyway, thank you for you help.
    my stove is hooked to the internet?

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    Hi mom!
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    I'm not a real genius in this area too, but I'm connected through ADSL...

    The modems I can use come either as USB-plug-'n-pray or ethernet-controlled.
    As far as networkconnection and security-issues concerned, I don't think there isn't that much differnence from any other connection-method. Hmm... maybe I just didn't get the question? Please, elaborate.

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    1) Yes there are modem/router combo's
    for instance: Alcatel (they invented ADSL and are from Belgium) This is only one of their many combo's. You can browse their site to find other models depending on your needs and your location. (US, EU)

    2) You don't need a proxy (but sometimes it's easy), you do need a firewall (either built in in the router, either a separate box)

    3) Use a firewall box to filter the traffic, this can be done by Windows and additional software (but that's no good idea for several reasons: costs, crashes unsecure,...) or Linux / Unix based. A really simple firewall router box solution is the BBIagent. Look at there are other similar products search
    But if you choose for a combo modem/hub or modem/switch most of the time they provide a built in firewall (with NAT) so, you don't really need the separate firewall (only when you are paranoid like most of the members here, perhaps myself included or when you have a 'big' setup in mind)

    I hope this helps?

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    Here's a site with different DSL products:

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