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    Question ICQ Question

    Hi! Does any of you know how could I do ''People Search'' in ICQ directory with different criteria (for example country they live in) and then colect their E-mail addresses in a file?

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    Everything you need to know can be found right here.

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    Why would you be wanting to look through ICQ to get people's email addresses? I'm guessing to send them unsolicited mail. And before you can say 'But they'll WANT this', anything that you send that is not expressly consented to by the receiving party, is considered unsolicited and by that turn, is considered SPAM.

    That's one reason why I ditched ICQ entirely. When Mirabilis owned and ran it, ICQ never had server problems, downtime for maintenance was minimal (if noticed at all), and they didn't give out their UIN lists through any means. Now, when AOL has it, all that's changed. How can you portray yourself as a 'Family ISP' when you're giving out (or making access to) UIN lists so that I get 5+ random porn ads a day? Talk about hypocritical. Then again I wouldn't use AOL to begin with but that's just me.
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    I don't accept any icq messages from anyone who isn't on my icq list. No fuss no muss

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