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Thread: MS Linux

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    MS Linux

    Can it be possible that Microsoft could launch their own version of Linux?
    Do you think people would buy it?
    Will the Linux Community accept it?

    Would you buy or use a version of linux made by Microsoft?
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    no way.

    m$ + *nix = m$_*****ing_over_GPL / bill_gates's IQ

    I'd rather run a marathon than a *nix distro from m$.


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    It could be possible. That is, over Bill's dead body.

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    Well at least M$ knows a good thing when they see it.
    hmmmmm tech...any reason for having three threads with this same topic?

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    I would never use a Linux distribution from Microsoft. In their quest for an idiot-proof OS, they would load the thing down with bugs, backdoors, and other random problems. I switched to Linux specifically to get away from Microsoft's crap. Why would I ever go back?

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    yes, I'm sure i'd enjoy it after the constant 'activate this pile of horse ****' message.

    i'd rather wipe my arse with a hedgehog. what a pile of **** that would be...pfft

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    Microsoft make a Linux distro? Yeah right.

    Hmmm... why would Microsoft ever produce a distro of linux? Linux, is, in fact, one of the biggest threats to Microsofts desktop PC stronghold... if they did produce a linux distro, my answer would be... no. It would be an insult to the whole basic concept of Linux... it would more than likely be a closed source distro, which would again be an insult to the motto of the Linux Operating System...
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    I will not buy it with a cat
    I will not buy it with a rat
    I will not buy it in a box
    I will not buy it from a fox
    I will not buy it on a plane
    I will not buy it on a trane
    I will not buy it sam I am
    I will not buy bill gates dirty mix
    I will not buy microsoft linux

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    No Way !!
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    Thumbs up

    You know, "Embrace and extend"
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