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Thread: IE- The Bugs Within

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    IE- The Bugs Within

    I've just finished reading an interesting article @ VIRUSLIST about 9 new serious security bugs discovered in IE6 since December 13th...

    The latest bug discovered by a hacker named "The Pull" lets web sites access all programs on your hard drive. It accomplishes this using active X and Java script....( as usual...IMHO it's a safer alternative to have java disabled no matter what browser you use).

    I can't find an appropriate patch for this bug and I assume it just comes with Micro$ofts latest "critical update"....

    On a side not, MIcro$oft has questioned "The Pull's" motives for publicly announcing the latest flaw. It seems that Micro$oft doesn't want to know about any security related flaws!
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    Re: IE- The Bugs Within

    Originally posted by BlueLine
    (as usual...IMHO it's a safer alternative to have java disabled no matter what browser you use).

    That's not a bad idea seeing as it's a relatively simple process to re enable java if you feel you're missing out on something...You might also want to check out The Preachers thread on "Java versus .Net"...You can find it here.

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    Do you know why they dont have a huge list of all the security holes in Opera? I will tell you why, noone cares. They know that 90% of all browsers are IE. It bothered me a long time ago when I saw that every new version of IE had the same problem with the malformed ip. This told me that the microsoft developers and patchers are not working together. As a side note I was reading an article in a computer magazine and saw that they gave the highest rankings for email clients to Microsoft Frontpage, and Frontpage Express. They also failed to mention in that article that every serious internet virus/worm this year was transmitted through Frontpage.

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    Here's a question about IE 6 since we're on the topic.

    I recently installed XP on my box and while surfing the net I noticed something. I used to be able to right click on an item and select the "Save target as" option which prevented the object being opened and saved me some time. Now since I'm using IE 6, I can no longer use this option. Now I have to wait for media to open up and finish running before I can save it to my hard drive. Does anyone know a fix to this or is this one of M$ ways to annoy people.

    Also, audioluv, are you sure you didn't mean MS Outlook and Outlook Express instead of Frontpage??? NEway, if anyone could offer some guidance I'd appreciate it.


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