okay before you close this window this is not a annoying "how do you hack _____" thread,
i admit i am a newbie when it comes the internet and accessing other comps. but i am trying to learn and being open minded to all, so give me the same courtesy please.
okay my question is just where do i start. i am very interested in all of the possibilities of the internet and "my eyes are just opening". but all i can find are verteran items and utilities on the internet. i have read a lot of the tutorials in the security downloads section of this website and have been to several other security websites reading and trying to absorb the information they have posted and in forums. but all i read minus well be in a different language. there is nothing basic out there. and "learning to hack" txt's are just a bunch of s*** i think. so can someone show me where i can find some tutorials that are in crude Lamen's terms for the newbie. or maybe even just write out a short response on how you started to become who you are now.