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Thread: Embedding picture into HTML

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    Embedding picture into HTML

    I was just wondering could anyone give me a hand with embedding pictures in HTML. What I mean is it possible to permanently embed picture into an html file so it is displayed even when the actual .jpg file is not present? Main reason why I want to do this is when compiling html files into a .chm format. If I move that file away from the machine it has been compiled on the picture is no present in a .chm file any more. Is it possible to embed a picture in .chm files at all? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Lightbulb CHM files embed pictures.

    CHM files embed the picture while it's self there is no need to try and binary write it into the page. All you have to do is point to a local file and don't fully qualify the files name... e.g.
    [img]picture1.jpg[/img] and at the CHM compile stage, the picture gets embedded in the CHM it's self.

    Be carefull of some HTML editors they "fully qualify" the name e.g.
    [img]c:\georges\website\picture1.jpg[/img] and this will make the CHM file look in the local computers directory for the picture.

    Simple hey..
    Nisus Mage

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