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Thread: Help! Comp not working???

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    Angry Help! Comp not working???

    Ok here are the things that I tested on another computer and work.

    Video card
    Hard Drive

    Ok now I turn on the computer and nothing happens?? The LED lights flicker but that’s it. Nothing on the screen?? (Screen works too)

    I can’t test the main processor because it’s that slot p3 type and I don’t have an other computer that takes that??

    It could be the motherboard but I don’t know??

    So what would you do if you had a computer that hangs when you turn it on??

    Oh it’s a pc by the way.........

    !!!!! I know Bill has something to do with this!!!

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    could you be a bit more clear and specific?
    If the screen works on one machine but not on the other one then VGA card might be damaged.
    Or is there something you left out?

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    what exactly happens when you turn it on?
    a lot of PC's beep after loading the BIOS and this can indicate what the problems is.

    Do you see anything on the screen?,
    can you get into the bios settings?

    What type of mobo (and what else have you got inside the case (pci cards etc))

    What OS was it running?
    when did it last work?

    etc etc,

    this info will assist us in assiting you.

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    jcdux is right about the beeps... you can download a list with the "meaning" of the different beeps.

    Here's a link to a page with links to the most common beep codes

    The Award BIOS beep codes can be found here:

    The Ami BIOS beep codes can be found here:
    The Phoenix BIOS Beep codes can be found here:

    It could be that your RAM is not proprly fit in the memory slots. This will cause a blank screen and a long beep.

    If it is a Video Card problem on Award Bios you will get blank screen and 1 long and 2 short beeps or 1 long and 3 short beeps.

    Or a conflict with another card?
    Try to do POST (power on self test) with a minimum config. Power/motherboard/RAM/VideoCard if that worked: add FDD and HDD.

    If your MBR or processor are damaged you usually get some weird signs on the screen or a blank screen without beep...

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    The screen works i am using it right now... but on the other comp it does not?? So i tried using another video card on the computer that is not working and the screen still did not work (i am also using that video card on a comp that works right now) you think the AGP slot on the other comp is not working??

    There is no beeps at all just the sound of the harddrive, fans and the red LED light on the tower flicks on and off for abit then it stops but the green one stays on.

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    I took out all other cards out. the screen is black at all times....It was running win98 last..

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    It was working for like a year then out of the blue it stopped working??

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    Ok now I turn on the computer and nothing happens?? The LED lights flicker but that’s it. Nothing on the screen?? (Screen works too)
    Your motherboard might be shorting out. This is a classic problem for those who install their own shite or move stuff around a lot. What I do is remove everything from the machine and hook up the motherboard and such right next to the power supply. If it works then, then it's a short. If it doesn't, then I try another power supply. If that works, then it's the power supply being feisty. If it's not, then you're looking at possibly a bad motherboard or processor. Memory problems generally show up in windows or whatnot, and wouldn't affect a general boot however, if the DIMM/SIMM slot is shot, then it wouldn't register and because there's no memory, it wouldn't boot, period.

    Another thing you might want to check for (as stated before) is the beeps. If you hear two short, pause, one short, (beep beep *pause* beep), then that's your AGP card not being plugged in all the way, hence why motherboards now have AGP slots with locks on them so that the card is securely in place before the power's turned on.

    Just more additions to what's been added.
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    you have tested (in another machine)
    1 video card
    2. monitor
    3 hard drive
    4. ram
    5. power supply
    It's beginning to sound like a mother board,
    but make SURE everything is connected right
    by unplugging and reconnecting cards, connectors etc because you
    don't want to buy a mother board when it was a loose power connector.
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    I had once a very strange behavior: a pc that was disconnected from the power and reconnected after awhile wouldn't boot anymore (blank screen, HDD spinning, no special beeps, everything working) the cause was static electricity... when the printer power cord was connected to the same power surge circuitry as the pc, the pc didn't started anymore after a power break if the printer parallel cable was connected. By disconnecting it and cold booting twice (once with and once without parallel cable connected) the pc, the problem was solved. You all can imagine how much time it took to discover that... this happened eveytime when the power went down and no1 thought the printer in combination with the power surge block to be the cause I discovered this prob in the dark... I saw sprankling little electrostatic discharges in the room when disconnecting cables...

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