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Thread: Mac OS 10.1 is Unix wow.....

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    Smile Mac OS 10.1 is Unix wow.....

    I found out on TV the other day that the command line for the newest Mac OS is UNIX.
    Also they were running the Mac OS and Xwindows ON THE SAME COMPUTER AT THE SAME TIME !!
    The Mac OS was running Xwindows like a normal app it was cool.... wow I guess Macs aren’t so bad after all hmmmm...

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    No **** sherlock, how long dit it take you to find out?
    Apple needed a new OS,Jobs had Apple buy Nextstep, the UNIX OS from the company he started called Next.

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    well sorrrrrrry i dont keep up with mac news jeeesz.........

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    Hey lets not be so negative to our fellow antionliners knowledge is to be shared ,anyway I think more people would jump on to mac if cloned hardware was supported .

    Just a thought

    EviL elF

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