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Thread: Ignore feature oddity...

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    Ignore feature oddity...

    For some reason, I see only the purple "ignore" button in places where an ignored user's post should be displayed. That, in itself, is not weird. The problem is that the link on that button does NOT display the otherwise-hidden post, rather, it adds the user to your ignore list, when you click on it. A trifle redundant, and it makes it so that a user has to remove the person from their ignore list in order to see the omitted post.
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    I'm having an odd problem with the ignore feature as well, though a different one. It appears I've ignored everyone, though my ignore list is empty, and dispite the message stating that I've ignored them and I must click to view the post, the post is directly under that message.
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    Greetings All:

    Thanks for pointing this one out to me Terr. I had some MAJOR template problems, but they're all fixed now, and life should be good once again.

    shkuey, what you noticed was some major funk that I caused while in the process of fixing the above mentioned problem by Terr. It's taken care of now as well.

    Ok, back to adding new features...........

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