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Thread: New Forum?

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    New Forum?

    How about adding a new forum like "Technical Support" or something similar. That way we could ask all our non security related question without fear of the usual flames. You know the ones- "This is a security site. If you wanna know how to overclock your cpu search at google!"...

    I think it would be a valuable addition to the sites forums...

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    There are issues with that. First off, this IS a security site (at least, that's what it's supposed to be). However, it seems that it has become a site more for chit chat and random tech support. In general, though, I think this forum would be a good thing. It would help to add organization to the forums. After all, it seems that most of the questions lately aren't about security. That could just be twisted perception on my part, though. Another thing is that although this is a security site, security isn't the only thing out there. For example, when I first came to this site, I was halfway to script kiddie lamer status. After being in this site for a little while, I decided that security wasn't for me, and instead focused my attention on Linux (ironic, huh?). I can't be the only one.

    This idea gets a vote from me.

    Another thing, how about a 'Random Flaming' forum? Maybe it will get all the flaming out of the other forums, and organized into one. After all, when people want to fight, it's best to just give them a pair of gloves and let them get it out of their systems, instead of breaking it up and waiting for it to boil over again. So, we'll give them the gloves (take away antipoint contributions), put them in the ring (the flames forum), and let them go at it. It would be great entertainment as well!
    (this suggestion is a joke, by the way)

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    Wait, can't people just ask their technical support questions in the Newbie Questions forum? People don't get flamed there (unless they want to hack hotmail.) And if too many forums get added this place is going to be very confusing. How will you know where to post a question?

    The Random Flaming forum is a great idea...maybe there could be tournaments too, where two people go head to head in a flaming match, and the winner gets some antipoints.
    Why am I still here?

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    Well, stflook, it appears that your "joke" is actually a good idea. It would eliminate alot of the crap from the *cough* normal forums, and still preserve that part of me that wants to flame... You know, if it would be possible to charge admission, there's loads of money to be made here.

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    Originally posted by stflook

    This idea gets a vote from me.

    Thanks for the support...

    I honestly believe that a Tech Support forum would be rather handy. All those dual boot, partitioning, XP problem questions would than have a place to call home.

    I'm already a member of another site totally dedicated to Tech Support but find it rather time consuming to browse between that site and AO. It would be alot more convenient if I (we) could just get tech support at AO as well as Security info....

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