OK, I give up. I can't figure this out.
In /usr/sbin there is a program, mc (midnight commander)
If you run mc, you get the mc program running,
a file manager type prog with lots of features,
including text editor etc.
There is a symlink to mc called mcedit.
if you run mcedit <filename>, you get the editor.
If you run mc -e <filename> you also get the editor

Here's my question. How does the symlink, mcedit
pass an argument, -e, to mc?
I have tried to create symlinks that pass
arguments to the program they're linked to,
but get a "broken link" error.

If mcedit is merely a link to mc, according to man page,
it is only a different name linked to the same file, mc.
How does mcedit invoke the editor instead of the main